Impose Magazine~”The déCollage pop aesthetic is presented like a kaleidoscope soaking up all the solstice rituals & revelry where the group keeps all matters mystical & upbeat. Keeping the vibe spirited & DIY; Denver’s aesthetic daredevils bring about a kind of natural liberation of the body, mind, spirit & self in a holistic way that many of us outside of the mile-high-city are just now beginning to comprehend.”

Bolder Beat~”One of the most unique sets I’ve ever witnessed came from déCollage. With costumes, lights, fog machines, and shiny mylar galore, you won’t be able to stop your body from moving.”

Surviving the Golden Age~”Somewhere between the Flaming Lips and Black Moth Super Rainbow. It gives you all the feelings of hearing “Do You Realize?” for the first time.” It features Future Eyes, Ancient Elk, and members of Wild High, Sound of Ceres, The Other Black, Set Sail, & more.”

Culture Magazine~”Truly, déCollage are about indulging all the senses in their live performances, not just providing aural entertainment. For this reason, they will be releasing their new record in a very interactive, synesthesia-inducing format, where the listener can manipulate the songs.”

Marquee Magazine~”Producer Reed Fuchs, who recorded, mixed and mastered the entire project, seems to be quite literally making a collage of psych with his team of cosmic explorers. Weaving together a vast array of genres into a tapestry of sounds heavy on experimental psych. The release was through Moon Magnet’s Lunadrifter custom app, which couples the ambient, spacey songs with equally visually out-there fractals and heady images that the user/listener can manipulate sonically and optically on the fly.”

AXS~”Moon Magnet is a hive for artists to experiment making new flavors of honey and the energy here facilitates a spirit of endless possibilities. We want to inspire other people to try new things. You can do anything with practice, barriers are mostly mental.”

Denver Westword~”The fusion of surrealistic psychedelia akin to of Montreal with playfully colorful childlike myth-making makes this band’s shows feel magical and otherworldly but grounded.”

Hey Reverb~”While the band has psych-rock tendencies, it strives to push sonic boundaries by making art imitate life. Fuchs takes sounds from the world around him, even at breakfast. Yes, the grinding of coffee makers or the stirring of oatmeal can be made into a mind-bending soundscape. Fuchs’ experimental vision inspired the new “Lunadrifter” app, a trippy mobile game that allows fans to interact with déCollage’s upcoming “Psycholodge” EP. Gamers can choose a song and manipulate it using various filters or effects. This creates a wildly colorful kaleidoscopic vortex that they can share with friends.”

UCD Advocate~”déCollage continues to transform the visual world of mixed media into a delightful audio world of surrealist avant-pop. déCollage uses unexpected instruments in their musical compositions: a tea strainer, dustpan percussion, wine glasses, and a few audio samples of Richard Nixon. A typewriter clicks away rhythmically for the beat of the first track, “Gotta Good Thing Going Pt 1.” ”

Denver Westword~“The debut album from Reed Fuchs (déCollage) is a ten-track collection of psychedelic, surrealist pop that oscillates between the melting fluidity of the Flaming Lips and the irreverent DIY experiments of early Beck meshed with some Animal Collective-esque, experimental neo-folk-pop-musical-collective rhythmic structures. Although it’s cut into songs, the album plays continuously, and each tune evolves through phases stretching from melodic indie and washes of white noise to clanks of repurposed percussion and blurps of swaying electronic bass and hypnotic guitar loops.”~Patrick Rodgers

Colorado Music Buzz~“For the adventurous, live shows have a carnival atmosphere and are  more ‘dancy’ than the album experience. You might see someone in a Jellyfish costume on stilts with LED lighting walking across the stage, or artists sitting in with the band. We’ve done several shows with artists sitting in with us,” states Fuchs. “They paint what the music looks like, and we play what their paintings sound like, it’s wild…..déCollage’s first album, ∞The Telos Amaranthine∞ unleashed on October 25, is a sonic palindrome of sorts. The first five tracks of the album play through with no breaks, and you find yourself drawn into a world of sound. And just as suddenly, you realize that the music is being played backwards. As track five ends, the first five tracks play in reverse through to track one…The title track “;) (Semicolon Parenthesis)”, mixed at Snozberry Studios, is a hypnotic piece. “The lead synth line is  (3.14),” says Fuchs, “broken down into musical midi data; creating swirling sacred geometric audio candy.”~Charlie Sullivan

Denver Westword~”Reed Fuchs is the ringmaster of déCollage, a collection of like-minded, freely associating outsider-art terrorists who take collaged sounds and turn them into coherent pop songs. When you see these people perform, you can’t help but think that some freak folks got weirder and hooked up with crust punks, challenging themselves to make music with whatever they could gather on a moment’s notice.” ~Tom Murphy

Colorado Music Buzz
“In an age of synthetic textures and cookie-cutter pop music, Fuchs and his team of musical gypsies manage to cohesively blend everyday noises and samples together with innovative instrumentation and vocals, taking on dreamy and expansive soundscapes, that pull the listener in each time. “~Corey Blecha

The MET-Metropolitan Newspaper   “All art is collaborative. Painters don’t make the canvas they use, or the paintbrushes, or the paint … I want to make that apparent in my music … that the band is a collective or a community of people.” —  Reed Fuchs, The Metrospective-Ian Gassman

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