Clay and I have been in deCollage the longest, has it been 3 years? 4 years??? and we’re opening the Bluebird tomorrow for Ghostland Observatory’s frontman Aaron Behrens! 9pm sharp #wewarnedyou

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Live on 1190

We’re playing live and jabbering on Radio 1190am tomorrow 5-5:30, you can hear our new drummer Matt Tanner, he’s opening for Cut Copy, Rusted Root, and our upcoming show with Ghostland Observatory’s frontman this upcoming week.  Cosmically conceptual Surrealist Adventure Music: A crystal prism you twirl around in your minds eye, watching, unfolding in sonic Technicolor. Salvador Dali's paintings translated into post-modern psychedelic avant-pop.

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“Tiger Catapult” {Preview} ~ déCollage & Megan Sikela

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FREE! DéCollage, Laurelin Kruse, In Favor Of Eliza (Kyle from Rubedo)


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déCollage Headlining Larimer Lounge w/ Interactive Video Installation

Interactive Full Moon Celebration conGRADuation Party @ Larimer Lounge tomorrow! You are in control of our fractal visuals as the audience’s dance moves will be projected onto the stage. Ephemera, (aka Megan Ashley) is the genius hacker behind our video installation. We have cheap $5 tics too. Please SHARE our new song!

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Funniest Video In The World

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A Gift for my Niece

There’s two brand new déCollage songs in this stop motion, hear the longer version of “Better Things Than Food Does To You”

The second song is a rough demo that I’m in the process of re-recording, the lyrics are straight from an old 3rd grade poem.

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déCollage & Jillian Write a Song in 4 Hours

Jillian Grutta and I wrote, recorded, mixed, mastered, and threw this video together in four hours….definitely one of the quickest songs that’s popped out of Snozberry Studios, and the first R & B song I’ve ever been a part of. Karl Rivers helped out with the chords, bass line, and modeling skills. The working title as of this first draft is “Skeletallations”.

Download her music:

Download déCollage’s music:

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Talking Heads Cover

We’re cloning “This Must Be The Place” by The Talking Heads, the goal is for our cover to sound exactly like the original. Here’s a behind the scenes video I quickly shot with Android’s “Lapse It App”, so many people are collaborating on the song. More video to be continued…

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